The uWebic's Q&A plugin allows you to run a Question and Answer system on your WordPress website.

Quick startup

Step 1: Activate

Upload the plugin to the plugin folder and activate plugin through the plugin admin panel.

Step 2: Create page

Create a new page and add the following shortcode:


Step 3: Update settings

Go to the settings page and specify how much a user has to spend to ask a question and how much a user will earn for giving a good answer. Also choose the page you just created in the dropdown list.

Step 4: Show the Add Question Form

Step 4.1: Show a widget

Go to Appearance -> widgets and activate the uWebic Q&A - Action button. It will display a button which user can click to ask a question, it also allows you to add any text you want with the button.

Step 4.2: Show the form in a page via a shortcode

Create a new page and add the following shortcode:


Step 5: Add the Q&A page to your menu / set as homepage

Go to Appearance -> menus and add the page you just created to your menu.

Or go to Settings -> Reading, select A static page and in the Front page dropdown the page you just created.

[ ] Shortcodes

Shortcode to display the Q&A interface.


Shortcode to display the add question form.



There is 1 widget to display a button for the user to ask a question.


No functions for this product.