This plugin allows your to run an advertisement service on your wordpress machine which will allow people to advertise on your website.

This is an add-on for the WPdeposit plugin ! It will not work properly without it.

For more info visit the product detail page on codecanyon.net.

Quick Startup

Step 1: Activate

Make sure to have installed WPdeposit!

Upload the plugin to the plugin folder and activate plugin through the plugin admin panel.

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Step 2: Add advertisement groups

You can specify how much a user has to pay for a specific amount of time, the dimensions of the image to upload, a description and if it should appear in the vertical widget or horizontal widget.

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Step 3: Extend Advertising options

If you wish to allow your members to extend there advertisement you can add different advertising options for them and maybe offer cheaper advertising plans to motivate them to extend their advertising.

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Step 4: Create Advertisement page

To display the advertising page, create a new page and call it Advertisement or Advertise here (whatever you want) and add the following shortcode:


This will display the advertisement page where members of your site can advertise.

[ ] Shortcodes

Display the advertisement interface.




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No functions available for this plugin.


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