The WPD Bluepay plugin is an add-on for WPdeposit that adds BluePay to the payment gateway list.

This is an add-on for the WPdeposit plugin ! It will not work properly without it.

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the live demo can be found at
(We currently do not give access to the admin panel, check the screenshots & video to check out the admin backend)

When in test mode even amounts (eg: 26) will return a 'Declined Sale' and odd amounts (eg: 33) will return an approved sale.

Quick startup

Step 1: Activate

Upload the plugin to the plugin folder and activate plugin through the plugin admin panel.

Upload and activate plugin

Step 2: Activate payment gateway

Go to Wpdeposit -> Settings -> Payment Gateway's. Click the checkbox next to the bluepay icon to use the payment gateway. Open the settings block and update the gateway settings click save.

Activate Payment Gateway and update settings


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