The WPD-payperpost add-on is an add-on for WPdeposit that enables site owners to let users/vistors pay for a post on your site.

This is an add-on for the WPdeposit plugin ! It will not work properly without it.

For more info visit the product detail page on codecanyon.net.

the live demo can be found at http://demo.uwebic.com/wpdeposit//payperpost

Quick startup

Step 1: Activate

Make sure to have installed the WPdeposit plugin first!

Upload the plugin to the plugin folder and activate plugin through the plugin admin panel.

Step 2: Create page with the shortcode in it


This page does not need to be in the menu but.

This is also the page where users can view there bought posts, so if you want that feature, add it to the menu.

Step 3: Adjust the settings

In your administration panel go to WPD - payperpost -> settings.

Set the buy page setting to the page you just made.

There you can create a small motivational text for users that did not buy the post.

Set the text for the buy link.

Step 4: Go to a post and enable payperpost and set the price for the post

[ ] Shortcodes

This shortcode will be used to display the payment interface process when a user purchases access to a post.



There are no widgets for this plugin.


No functions for this product.

Meta box

A meta box is available in the page / post admin interface for you to specify how much a page / post costs.


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