This WPD Shopper add-on allows you to sell e-goods. (it does not contain shipping information, this plugin is purely e-commerce).

This is an add-on for the WPdeposit plugin ! It will not work properly without it.

For more info visit the product detail page on codecanyon.net.

The live demo can be found at http://demo.uwebic.com/wpdeposit/shop/

Quick startup

Step 1: Activate

Make sure to have installed the WPdeposit plugin first!

Make sure that your theme folder and uploads folder is writeable because the plugin will generate templates for your theme and folders inside your WP uploads folder!

Upload the plugin to the plugin folder and activate plugin through the plugin admin panel.

Step 2: Create the pages

Once installed the plugin should have created 3 templates in your theme folder. A template file for the shop index, product detailed page and the product download list (where user can download their purchased products).

Go to pages > add new and create a page for the shop index and select the template file. Then do the same for the 2 other pages.

thumbnail for creating required pages

Product detailed page:

Product purchase list page:

Step 3: Setup the plugin

Go to WPD-Shopper > settings to configure the plugin to your needs. You have 3 tabs

  • The main settings allows you to control several options of the shop.
  • The shop tab allows you to control what is shown on the shop index (latest product or a specific category) and how it is displayed (as a list or mosaic).
  • The Product tab let' you control certain parts of the product detailed page.

We included the twitter bootstrap but if it conflicts with your theme or another plugin, who also implemented the twitter bootstrap, an option is available to disable the implemented twitter bootstrap in the WPD-shopper.

Info / setup

  1. Start by creating categories. To add products you must add categories first.

  2. Add several products.

  3. To increase sales promote your products using the promotion page.

  4. The sales page will give you a detailed overview of your sales.

  5. The statistics page will give you a global overview of your sales for the current month and year.

[ ] Shortcodes

There are no shortcodes for this plugin


There are 2 widgets. One to display the most purchased files and one to display the.

There is 1 widget area. This area will be used in the sidebar of the shop (you can specify in the settings where this should visible).


Display the shop categories


  • show_option_none. (Default: No categories)
  • orderby. (Default: name)
  • order. (Default: ASC)
  • style. (Default: list, only other possible value is 'raw')
  • parentclass. (Default: parent-categories)
  • subclass. (Default: sub-categories)
  • parent_only. (Default: false)
  • current_category. (Default: 0)
  • echo. (Default: 1)

<?php WPDshopper::wpd_shopper_list_categories(array('parent_only' => true)); ?>


There are 3 templates that will be generated inside of your current theme. Create a new page and on the right side select the correct template for each page.

Displays the shop index:

Displays the user download list with his purchases:

Displays the product detail page:


More add-ons?

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