The universal blessings of Christ

"The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world."
Juan 1:9
2 - Reflect
The grace of Christ is not limited to a few. The message of mercy and forgiveness brought from heaven by Christ was to be heard by all. Our Savior says: "I am the light of the world." John 8:12. His blessings are universal and reach all nations, tribes, languages ​​and people. Christ came to tear down every wall of separation.

Through various channels the heavenly messengers are in active communication with the various parts of the world; and when man cries out to the Lord in truth and with fervor, God shows Himself as one who leans down from His throne on high. Listening to all the cries and answers, "Here I am". He lifts up the afflicted and oppressed. He confers His blessings on both good and bad people.

In each precept that Christ taught, He was exposing His own life. The God's holy law was magnified in this representative life. He was the Revealer of the infinite mind.

He did not present vacillating feelings or opinions, but true, pure, and holy ones.

Knowing God is the most admirable knowledge that man can attain. There is much wisdom in the mundane things but with all their wisdom, they do not contemplate the beauty and majesty, the justice and wisdom, the goodness and holiness of the Creator of all the worlds. The Lord walks among men in His providence, but His majestic steps are not heard, His presence is not discerned, His hand is not recognized. The work of Christ's disciples is to shine like lights, manifesting God's character to the world.

They have to catch the growing rays of light of the Word of God and reflect them to men darkened in the darkness of the inability to understand God. The servants of Christ must properly represent the character of God and of Christ to men.


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